Monday, November 23, 2009

Pilihan masa EyeBall

Yang ni comform, dan dah start muat turun
Rasa besok tak dak masalah
dah boleh layan waktu tayanagan perdana

On the 11th of May in 1969, troops of the U.S. 101st Airborne Division engaged the enemy at the base of Hill 937 in the Ashau Valley. Ten days and eleven bloody assaults later, the troops who fought there called it 'Hamburger Hill'. Based on a true story.

Yang ni tak pasti, tapi kalau ikut preview dia
cam syiok gak,
mungkin akan muat turun gak.

Nick Wells is ready to retire from crime. He'll settle down with his girlfriend Diane and focus on running his legitimate business: a Montreal jazz club. But Max, his fence, friend and financial partner, has other plans for him. Persuading Nick to violate two of his most important rules- always work alone and never operate in the city where you live -Max teams him up with Jack Teller. A young, aggressive and talented thief, Jack needs Nick's safe-cracking talents to make his first big score: a prize worth millions locked behind the walls of Montreal's Custom's House. It's a volatile combination in which egos clash and sparks fly, but the thrill of the heist has a grip on all three men, who won't give up no matter what the risk.

ni tak pasti bila baca preview dia tak serupa
cam member aku cerita tu.
Love story lak
rasa cam lain jer, tapi tajuk betul

A love story about two people who hate each other. 200 years in the future.

Kalau kawan aku tu selesai layan anak dengan kartun dia
dan baca yang ni bagi hint la sikit,cam sap actor dia ka
senang nak cari Bro.


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